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The pathway through the permanent display at the Liberation of Paris – General Leclerc Museum – Jean Moulin Museum tells the story of a world at war and asks the central question of commitment. Touring on your own or with a guide, taking a mixed-reality tour or accompanied by your “visit companion” on a smartphone, you can choose the way you want to immerse yourself in history and follow in the footsteps of Jean Moulin and General Leclerc.

Visit the permanent collections

A chronological pathway invites you to discover the life and career of Jean Moulin and Philippe de Hauteclocque, the situation in France between the wars, the collapse in June 1940, the Occupation, the Resistance and the combats led by the Free French, all the way to the liberation of France, with Paris as its strongest symbol.

The new museum layout proposes a visit featuring direct encounters with over 300 items, original documents, photos, archive videos and personal accounts that evoke the Resistance, combat, repression, clandestine operations and newfound freedom.

Independent visit

Entrance to the permanent collections is free of charge.

Visit with the “visit companion” 

This tour assistant proposes a special circuit for families.
Ernest and Colette, two little Parisian heroes from Les Grandes Grandes Vacances, an animated cartoon series, accompany the whole family in discovering the collections.
Starting at age nine. 
Available in French and English.

  • Free download: the app can be downloaded to your smartphone free of charge from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • On-site: you can rent a smartphone equipped with the app at the reception desk.


Simple guided tour

A museum lecturer will guide you through the permanent collections.
These guided tours of the collections, designed for individuals and families, are in French.
Limited to 18 participants.

Reserve your visit online

Guided family tour around Les Grandes Grandes Vacances animated cartoon series

A museum lecturer will guide the entire family through the permanent collections.

Les Grandes Grandes Vacances is an animated cartoon series in ten episodes that was broadcast on France 3 in 2015. Produced by the Armateurs company and based on an original idea by Delphine Maury, it tells the story of World War II from the point of view of two children, Colette and Ernest, who have taken refuge with their grandparents in Normandy. The graphic bible was designed by Emile Bravo. Paul Leluc is the director. 
Ernest and Colette discover life in the country, make new friends and adapt themselves to the way everyday life is upset during wartime. The series treats topics such as the German occupation and consequent repression, the persecution of the Jewish population, scarcity and the black market and the development of resistance actions with great historical precision. 
The series is the guiding principle behind the tour, which is designed to introduce children to the museum collections. 

These tours are in French.
Limited to 18 participants. 
Duration: 1 hr 30 min
Price: from €90 to €140, depending on the number of participants.
Mandatory reservation: reserve your visit online 


Visit Colonel Rol-Tanguy’s command post during the
Liberation of Paris

Located twenty meters under the museum, the command post used during the Liberation by colonel Henri Rol, head of the FFI in the Paris area, is finally open to the public. 
For a subterranean exploration and to plunge the family into the week that Paris was liberated, you can choose between a self-guided visit and a visit using mixed reality goggles. 
Be sure to take note of the access conditions before your visit: the command post is located twenty meters underground, and you can access it only using a stairway with 100 steps...that you will need to climb back up! 


This visit is not appropriate for the disabled

Reservations are made on-site at the museum reception desk, within the limit of available places (each descent is limited to 18 participants).

Open visit

Duration of visit: 45 min
Rate: free of charge

Mixed reality visit: the HoloLens goggles experience

Duration of visit: 45 min
Rate: free of charge
Please note that this device is not appropriate for children under fourteen.

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